How to handle cracked tooth and its restoration

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You are having a meal or eating a snack; the worse that can happen is the presence of a hard item in the food that you end up biting, resulting in injury on your tooth. Even worse, you fall or hit a hard surface, and your tooth is chipped. There are many useable events that can lead to damaging your tooth. What is certain is that cracked tooth is often painful and if not, then undesired.

Teeth are not just functional parts of the mouth but also add significant aesthetics value to your overall look. A missing, a chipped or broken tooth may affect how a person looks and even how others perceive you. If you have tired of people asking you, what happened because they see some damage to your dental, you can correct this. No insurance? No problem; you can restore your look with Dr. Bryan. Before I jump to how you get your tooth fixed, here are some facts you should know about the procedure.

Caring for cracked tooth

In most cases, the enamel, which is the hardest part of the tooth, sustains damages resulting in the crack when the limit of its strength is exceeded by the impact. In some cases, tooth decay results to compromise of the tooth hardness, making it easy to crack or chip. Under these circumstances, you should worry not because there is a restoration option. However, let us discuss the care that is necessary before you visit the dentist for the restoration.

It is important to note that the first action after the damage should be visiting a dentist to access endodontic services. If you are in Spanish Fork, you should seek cracked tooth treatment in Spanish Fork, specifical endodontics in Spanish Fork, to assess whether there are some soft tissue injuries after the event to prevent further damage or infections. Dr. Bryan E. Cardon is your guy for endodontics 84660.

Meanwhile, for a painful tooth, consider taking over the counter painkillers such as acetaminophen while rinsing your mouth with salty water before heading to the dentist. If the crack caused a sharp edge, you could protect your tongue from its cut by covering it with wax paraffin or sugarless chewing gum. Avoid hard food and if you must have a meal or snack, stick to softer meals to avoid further cracks. Immediately visit a dentist to assess the severity of the damage and commence the necessary treatment that is commensurate to the damage.

Reconstructing the crack

After the crack, the dentist can correct the tooth in a way that it will not be possible to identify the cracked tooth from the rest. However, this depends on the nature of the crack and the tooth that is cracked.

There are two primary ways of reconstructing a cracked tooth. If the tooth has a small chip of the enamel, a filling may do the magic. The filing process will start with an x-ray just for the dentist to determine the level of damage that has been caused and the correction that will be necessary. The filling will involve numbing your teeth, gums, and the skin areas that surround the tooth. This is just for comfort. However, after the procedure, it will take some time for you to feel perfectly ok.

If the damage to the tooth is on the front tooth or if it is big enough that it is visible when you smile, then bonding will be the procedure for you. Bonding is simple, and you will not have your tooth numbed. The procedure involves etching the surface of the tooth with a liquid of a gel to allow the bonding material to be able to adhere to it. The adhesive material is then applied, and a tooth-colored resin is added to cover the crack and restore the look.

You can access these services at your convenience with the best and reliable professionals at Maple Ridge Endodontics near Provo, Springville, Orem, Payson, Salem, and Mapleton, UT. It is always advisable to visit a dental care facility in the event of a cracked tooth so that it can be assessed and the right reconstruction commenced. Remember, a cracked tooth may result in further damage in the form of the expanded crack of infection, thus complicating the situation. Always seek medical care immediately.

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