10 Myths About Root Canals

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Root canals are a common procedure our endodontist at Maple Ridge Endodontics provides for our patients. There are several misconceptions about root canals that scare people away from the procedure. Don’t hesitate to provide your teeth with relief from pain related to root canal infections. Read on to learn about 10 myths related to root canals.

Root Canals Hurt. With modern technology and innovations in dental medicine, our endodontist can provide you with a pain-free root canal.
Root Canals Require a lot of Visits to the Endodontist. Most of the root canals our endodontist performs can be complete in just one appointment to our clinic.
Crowns Cause Teeth to Need Root Canals. If you have a crowned tooth that needs a root canal, then this is caused decay.
Root Canals Cause Illness. Our endodontists have not found any evidence that suggests root canals cause illness.
Root Canals Involve Removing the Roots of the Tooth. Your endodontist will only remove the pulp inside the canal while performing a root canal treatment.
Pregnant Women Can’t Have Root Canals. The x-rays needed for a root canal are minimal and not in relation to your abdomen.
Even with a Root Canal, the Tooth Will Come Out Eventually. Regular dental cleanings and exams will allow for a long-lasting root canal treatment.
If the Tooth Doesn’t Hurt, There is no Need for a Root Canal. Often times an infected pulp will not cause you pain immediately, but it still is in need of being cleaned out.
Pulling the Tooth is Better than Getting a Root Canal. Our endodontist wants you to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible.
After Having a Root Canal, My Tooth is Completely Restored. Our endodontist recommends a restoration to protect your tooth.

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