4 Ways to Avoid Cracking a Tooth

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Your teeth are one of the strongest materials in your body. They are covered by a layer of enamel which is even harder. Sadly, your chops still could crack or chip, and it could be your fault when they do. We don’t want your teeth to be damaged any more than you do, so here are the four things to avoid to ensure they remain in perfect condition.

1. Don’t Chew On Ice
You find it difficult to resist those ice cubes at the bottom of your drink, we know. Or, it could be a habit. Whatever your reasons for chewing ice, it’s simply bad for your teeth. It could make them very sensitive and crack or chip them. Just look at the Titanic!

2. Don’t Chew Hard Sweets
Hard sweets will give you a hard time at the dentist. From its sugar content to the long period of time it sticks your teeth, and the fact that it could chip and crack your teeth if you bite down on it, there’s nothing good about candies for your teeth. If you must, simply lick hard candies to avoid wrecking your teeth.

3: Don’t Bite Down On Unpopped Popcorn Kernels
These can difficult to avoid when we tend to munch on large handfuls of popcorn at once. Like booby traps, you don’t know they are there till — bam! — your teeth are hit! There’s not an easy way to avoid them (other than consciously looking for them), but what we do know is that they are bad for your teeth.

4. Don’t Use Teeth As Tools
Bottle openers, nail cutters, scissors, and pliers were all invented for a reason. People think that they can pop tops off of bottles with their teeth as a cool way to impress their friends. Unfortunately, you are also endangering your teeth. It’s possible, and even likely, to damage your teeth while using them as tools in this way.

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