A Guide For Avoiding Root Canal Therapy

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When it comes to root canal treatment, we find that many patients wish they could avoid it. While this isn’t possible once one is needed, it is completely possible to avoid ever needing a root canal at all. Wondering how exactly you can reduce your risk for root canal treatment?

Treat Tooth Decay
Did you know that left untreated tooth decay and cavities can actually result in the need for root canal therapy? As the decay advances it can actually affect the root canal and pulp of your tooth, ultimately resulting in inflammation and infection. We recommend addressing tooth decay once you notice it to reduce additional damage and the potential need for a root canal down the road.

Manage Gum Disease
Gum disease is an extremely common condition which can actually increase your risk of needing a root canal as well. As the gums recede, pockets begin to form, exposing the tooth roots to bacteria, plaque and acid. As you continue to neglect your oral health, these exposed roots can become decayed, infected and damaged, eventually leading to root canal therapy being necessary.

Repair Damage
Did you know even the slightest amount of damage to a tooth can allow bacteria and plaque inside? Chips, cracks and even fractures should be repaired as soon as you notice it to reduce your risk of an infection forming in your affected tooth.

Routine Dental Visits
When it comes to early diagnosis and treatment of decay, disease, damage and even infection it is important to visit your dentist regularly for routine care. Visiting your dentist allows them to monitor your oral health and create treatment plans the moment a complication is noticed.

Schedule Your Spanish Fork Root Canal
Think you may need a root canal in Spanish Fork? Schedule your appointment with Maple Ridge Endodontics today! We would be happy to evaluate your oral health to determine if endodontic therapy is the right option for you, your smile and overall oral health.

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