Apicoectomy: Another Option Available When Original Root Canal Treatment Fails

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When the root canal treatment is not an option for treatment or if the procedure fails, the Endodontics in Spanish Fork UT, 84660 suggests Apicoectomy. It’s a surgical dental procedure that involves going through the gum to remove the infected tissue surrounding the root tip.

Why Apicoectomy May Be Necessary?
Tooth sometimes becomes re-infected even after the root canal procedure. The dentist may then decide to treat it by removing the tip of the tooth root and the affected tissue surrounding it.

The reasons for re-infection can be:

Infection, which spreads to bone and tissue in the area near the tip of the root.
Cracked or fractured tooth root.
Infected debris in small branches at the sides of the main root canal.
New tooth decay on the root of the tooth.
How Root Canal Problems Are Detected?
The endodontist uses X-rays and CBCT scans for examining the tooth roots. CBCT scans create three-dimensional views that enable the dentist to view problems which might be otherwise difficult to detect.

How Apicoectomy Is Performed?
Instead of accessing the pulp chamber and canals through the crown of the tooth, the dentist in Payson makes an incision through the gum at the site of the infection. If the infection is severe, bone grafting may be required to replace the bone loss around the tip of the root.

What To Expect Before and During Surgery?
Depending on the severity of the infection, the dentist near Mapleton, UT may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication and antibiotics. He will numb the area with local anesthesia before making an incision. After removing the infected tissue and a bit of the root tip, dentist will seal the canal with a small filling.

What To Expect After Surgery?
The dentist may recommend OTC anti-inflammatory drug to manage sensitivity, soreness, and pain. You can also apply an ice pack on swelling outside of your cheek. Avoid smoking and biting into crunchy foods.

No Insurance? No problem
Are you worried about the expenses of the procedure as you have no insurance? Worry not as dental clinics offer the option of financing the treatments.

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