Apicoectomy: Procedure, Risks, and Recovery

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What is an Apicoectomy?
Our teeth are held and supported by roots that extend to the jawbone. When the tissue is inflamed or decayed, the dentist may perform a procedure to remove the apex or the very end of the root. That’s an apicoectomy.

Why Is It Done?
An apicoectomy is done when the tooth infection persists after the root canal procedure. Usually, during a root canal, the dentist will clean the canals and remove the inflamed tissue. However, sometimes the infected debris may remain in the canals and prevent healing or worse still cause a re-infection.

To rectify the problem, our dentist in 84660 will remove the tip of the root alongside the infected tissue. The purpose of the treatment is to preserve your natural teeth and prevent an extraction, which presents a whole set of dental procedures.

Who can Do the Procedure?
Although the general dentist can perform an apicoectomy, in advanced cases, the procedure is done by an endodontist such as Dr. Bryan E. Cardon, a certified endodontist.

What Happens During the Procedure?
An apicoectomy is done is a few steps:

Our dentist will do a dental assessment and an x-ray to check how deep the infection is and formulate a treatment plan suitable for you.

A comprehensive medical history is done to confirm your eligibility as not all people are ideal for the procedure. For example, patients with blood pressure may be at risk. Epinephrine is used as a local anesthetic and in apicoectomy, the dentist may use twice as much. The high levels of epinephrine cause blood vessels to constrict and may be problematic for people with blood pressure.

2.The procedure
An apicoectomy involves cutting the gum away to make the root accessible. The dentist will then remove the infected tissue along with a part of the root tip. He will clean the canal using ultrasonic instruments and apply a dental filling to cover the canal.

The procedure takes between 30 to 90 minutes depending on the complexity and location of the tooth—the front teeth take the shortest compared to the molars.

Remember, if you have a fracture or crack, the dentist may opt for a tooth extraction instead.

Dr. Bryan E. Cardon will ask you to come back within a week for the stitches to be removed.

What About Recovery?
Many people will be able to resume normal activities the next day. However, you may experience slight numbness, discomfort or soreness which subside within14 days.

Post-surgery Tips
Our dentist will give you instructions after the surgery, but here are a few suggestions:

Rest and use ice for ten to 12 hours after the surgery
Take Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen to manage the bruising and swelling
Avoid brushing the affected area or rinsing the mouth vigorously
Don’t lift the lip of the treated area to avoid disrupting the blood-clot or loosening the sutures
The dentist may prescribe antibiotics before and after the procedure to prevent infection
Gaggle with salt water or an antiseptic mouth wash
It is recommended to take only liquid foods in the first few days. Also, avoid hot drinks and foods
Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption
Is There Any Risk?
Yes, a few. If the procedure is done in the upper jaw, you may experience nerve damage or sinus infections that can be regulated with antibiotics
Sometimes pimples may form on the gum, which is an indication that you have an infection.

If you experience severe pain and swelling after the procedure, you should call our dentist.

No Insurance? No Problem
At Maple Ridge Endodotics, we accept most insurance policies. However, if you don’t have one, we offer a variety of financial plans and credit. So, call us for a discussion on the different financing options we offer.

If you are looking for an apicoectomy in Spanish Fork, contact us for an appointment. We also have dental clinics in other locations such as Springville, Provo, Salem, Orem, Payson, and Mapleton.

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