Avoiding Problems from Damaged Teeth

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Traumatic dental injuries are dental injuries which may occur unnaturally. This may be injuries that occur with car accidents, falling from stairs, at times while playing sports and other unknown reasons. In case when Traumatic dental injuries occur a patient must immediately rush to the dental clinic. Proper action at right time can avoid falling or losing of teeth. Dentist at Maple Ridge Endodontics help maintain tooth loss from Traumatic dental injuries and ensure its proper functioning.

Sports-Related Dental Injuries
Everyone loves to play sports at their young age and there are multiple health benefits of playing sports.
Sometimes due to sudden fall or hitting, players get sudden dental injuries which must be treated at right time. Endodontics 84660 suggests using a mouth guard and necessary precautions while playing so that traumatic dental injuries can be avoided.

Chipped or Broken Teeth
Chipped tooth is a common issue which may be faced by many individuals. In cases when teeth are broken or fractured, it is good to visit an expert dentist within 12 hours. Necessary treatment can be suggested depending on the conditions. Maple Ridge Endodontics may suggest going for tooth replacement or crown placement in such cases.

Knocked Out Teeth
In cases when a patient face issues of knocked out tooth, immediate action is required. In such cases, it is always better to replant the teeth as soon as possible at home with necessary suggestion or at nearest clinic. If replanting is not possible you may visit Endodontics at Spanish Fork for relevant solution.

Partially Displaced Teeth
If a patient notices a sudden shift or displacement of the teeth from the jaw line, the patient must visit the dental clinic within 6 hours. Endodontics at Spanish Fork UT may suggest necessary restorative treatment options on analysis of the actual condition.

Soft Tissue Injuries
When dental injuries are with tissues, gums or tongue, immediate actions must be taken. One must wash the area properly at home. Doctors at Maple Ridge Endodontics suggest patient to immediately visit the dental clinic so that the right treatment can be suggested without any delay.

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