Can Endodontic Retreatment Help When Root Canals Fail?

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How would you feel if informed by endodontics 84660 that the root canal treatment you had was a failure and would, therefore, require additional retreatment? We are certain you would be panic-stricken after having spent upwards of $1500 for rectifying the problem with your tooth. You may even be concerned about whether your insurers will cover the costs of additional treatments that are needed. However, if you contact Dr. Byran E Cardon for endodontic retreatment in Spanish Fork you will soon realize you have a solution available to you.

Endodontics In Spanish Fork Can Assist You To Deal With the Root Canal Problem
If you are experiencing sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, swelling, and pain when chewing after the failure of the root canal therapy you are suggested to seek help from endodontics in Spanish Fork. The failure of the root canal would begin bothering you even after the initial therapy is over and sufficient time has passed to allow the tooth to recover from any infections or inflammations. In such cases, you should be following up with the endodontist in Spanish Fork because it would be essential to resolve the problems by determining for the courses of treatment.

Are you faced with the problem of having no insurance? No problem, just contact the endodontist for advice with the confidence that you will be provided with one that suits you the best.

You may have contacted the best dentist in your place of residence when you initially developed the problem with the root canal. He or she may have provided the most dependable treatments available to rectify the problem. However, complications can and do arise with root canals which need to be treated again. Under the circumstances, your best options would be to seek advice unless you are prepared to suffer from the pain and discomfort associated with this issue.

Complications Affecting Root Canals
Irritation to the nerve of the tooth is the primary cause of a toothache but there are many other reasons why you could be experiencing the pain. The risk factors for a toothache include gum disease, plaque, dental infection, decay, cracked teeth, injury or poorly placed fillings.

A failed root canal may indicate a blocked canal in certain situations making it difficult to treat the root canal system completely. The blockage in the canal may be caused by calcium deposits from the tooth. In such conditions, efforts are made to work through the calcified area before sealing the canal. However, if the effort is unsuccessful you may need endodontic surgery to seal the canal at the end of the root in the jawbone.

Another complication which is rare but can occur during the procedure for the root canal treatment is leaving behind a tiny broken instrument within the narrow canal. The root canal system will allow itself to be properly sealed despite the presence of the tiny object. Unfortunately, if it does not the only option available would be endodontic surgery for properly sealing the canals from future infections.

Dentists or endodontist’s despite their experience may miss a canal because of the complexity of the root canal system. They may not find access to an extra canal when they access the tooth initially. This results in the tooth being improperly sealed living it prone to pain and infection. Fortunately, the advances made in dental imaging with cone-beam computed tomography has provided professionals in this field to have a detailed analysis of the tooth before the treatment. This complication can be avoided if the dentist or endodontist utilizes these images.

You must understand that complications can occur despite receiving the root canal treatment from the most competent professional in the area. This is a common occurrence with medical treatments of all types which are available for people to manage different health conditions. However, as you are dealing with a root canal failure you will not be able to contact any dentist for the retreatment. the problem will need the attention of an endodontist who has the experience to handle complications for making your mouth return to normal. Dr. Byran E Cardon specializes in endodontist retreatment in Spanish Fork and should be the professional you should contact for the remedy you need with the root canal.

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