Common Types of Tooth Injuries and How to Treat Them

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Although our teeth are naturally strong, they can experience a wide range of injuries. Gum disease and tooth decay are the biggest nemesis of our teeth and can damage our teeth and even lead to losing them.

Accidents can cause traumatic injuries which can injure or damage our teeth without any warning. However, tooth injuries can be treated which increases the probability of saving your injured teeth.

Some of the most common dental injuries are as follows:

Chipped or Fractured Teeth

Chipped or fractured teeth can happen due to trauma experienced by the teeth. This trauma can be due to fights, accidents or chewing on a hard food substance. This results in a portion of the teeth to be broken while the other part still remains firmly rooted within the gums. Small fragments of the dentin or enamel are chipped, it can be reattached or filled with dental fillings.

But it the inner pulp is exposed or injured due to the damage, a root canal treatment can be required to reduce pain and prevent future infection.

Ensure you visit your endodontist in Spanish Fork immediately when you suffer from a dental injury.

Dislocated (Luxated) Teeth

Our teeth can get dislocated when an impact moves it in the socket in an abnormal manner. A dislocated (luxated) teeth need to be repositioned and might need to be stabilized by splinting it into adjacent teeth. Such injuries will require root canal treatment.

Dislocated (Luxated) teeth need immediate dental attention, and you should immediately visit an endodontist in 84660 for dental treating and saving your teeth.

Knocked out (Avulsed) Teeth

It is possible to replant a knocked out (Avulsed) teeth, but only with prompt action. You should rinse the tooth with cold and clean water and place it within the empty tooth socket within 5 minutes of your injury.

In case you are unable to place your teeth, it should be stored in a container filled with the injured person’s saliva or milk. You need to visit an endodontist near you to seek dental treatment immediately. Prompt action can help you save your teeth.

Ensure you visit your endodontist in Spanish Fork immediately upon suffering any dental or Tooth Injuries.

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