Four Questions About Treating Traumatic Injuries to Teeth

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Injuries, accidents don’t have any kind of pre warnings. They just happen when you least expect them to happen especially injuries to your teeth. That doesn’t mean you should not be prepared for them. Some traumatic injuries to teeth can be dealt with. Find out more about traumatic injuries to teeth:

What Are Traumatic Injuries

Physical injuries of sudden onset and severity which requires immediate medical attention is usually referred to as Traumatic injury. According to endodontics near 84660 they can happen because of motor vehicle collisions, sports injuries, falls, natural disasters and a multitude of other physical injuries ovccuring at home street or any other place.

Traumatic injuries to teeth in the same way are related severe injuries because of fall or accident like broken tooth, knocked out tooth or fractured tooth.

What to Do for Broken Teeth

If tooth is broken then certain things can be done till you go to a dentist. Till you wait you can gently bite down on a fresh piece of gauze recommends endodontics in Spanish Fork. If only a part of your tooth is broken then try to collect the broken piece and take it with you when you see the dentist.

What to Do for Cracked or Split Teeth

In case of cracked tooth you should rinse your mouth with warm, salt water to relieve pain and help to prevent infection. In order to stop any bleeding, apply pressure with clean gauze. You can place an ice pack on your face where the chipped tooth is to reduce swelling says endodontics near Spanish Fork UT.

What to Do for Knocked Out Tooth

While you have a knocked out tooth then you should first try to find out the knocked out tooth and try to preserve it a container filled with milk or saliva. Remember to take the tooth by its crown and then visit a dentist as early as possible.

What to Do for Fracture Teeth

Rinse the mouth with warm water and immediately visit a dentist near you. You can use cold compress to reduce swelling.

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