How Technology Can Help Your Endodontics Treatment

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Over the past few years—and even decades—there have been giant leaps forward in the world of dental technology. These advancements were made to help doctors do their jobs better and to offer better treatment options to our patients. At Maple Ride Endodontics, we take advantage of many technological advances to offer the best experience for every single one of our patients.

Digital Imaging
X-rays are crucial to getting the bottom of an issue. It allows us to see places that we can’t with the naked eye. By incorporating digital x-rays, we are able to reduce the amount of radiation our patients receive by 90%. We are also able to pass savings onto our patients based on our savings on expensive dental film and the developing chemicals. Digital images can also be easily stored for years to come without worrying about the film disintegrating.

Surgical Microscopes
To better serve outpatients, we need to see as much detail as we can! We employ the top of the line Carl Zeis surgical microscopes which has amazing magnification and illumination capabilities. By seeing the smallest details during a treatment, it greatly helps us to see if other issues need to be addressed.

Laser Dentistry
Incorporating lasers into Endodontics helps to ensure the success of every procedure. Previously, there was a risk of bacteria not being properly cleaned out of the roots during a root canal treatment, but lasers help immensely to wipe out 100% of bacteria in the area.

Cone Beam CT
When we need highly-detailed and accurate 3-D images, we rely on our Cone Beam CT. It enables us to have a 3-D visualization of the sinus cavity, teeth, bones, and other nearby areas, but with greatly reduced radiation exposure to our patients. When we need something more detailed than a traditional x-ray, the Cone Beam CT delivers what is necessary.

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