How to Fix a Cracked Tooth

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If you are facing an issue of a cracked tooth or chipped tooth, you must consult Dr. Bryan E. Cardon for help. The issues of cracked teeth and chipped may differ and it is important to identify the issue appropriately so as to obtain right treatment.

How do identify Cracked Tooth?
With factors such as aging, lines and cracks on the surface of teeth are normal but this is a cause of instant worry when it reaches to tooth enamel. Outer layer of the tooth can go for normal wear and tear but it must not penetrate to the inner surface of the tooth. Such cracked tooth may require treatment. Other signs may be sensitivity and pain while chewing food. In such cases, Endodontics Spanish Fork UT, 84660 suggests immediate treatment.

Difference Between a Cracked Tooth and Chipped tooth
Cracked tooth is the common issue which can be observed at the back teeth. Cracked tooth may require invasive treatment when compared to chipped tooth issue. Chipped teeth issue generally occurs in front teeth. It can disturb the aesthetics and functionality of tooth but can be fixed within one day.

Common treatment for cracked tooth:

Dental crown – In case of least damage, the tooth can be covered and restored with dental crown.
Root canal procedure – In case when crack has extended and reached to a deeper layer, it can be treated with root canal procedure.
Tooth extraction – If the crack has reached to the deepest layer of tooth, it becomes quite essential to perform tooth extraction. This is the most extreme situation which needs extraction for repair.
Common treatment for Chipped teeth:

Tooth-colored filling – In case of chipped tooth, the tooth-colored filling material can be used to restore the appearance.
No Insurance? No problem
Most of the treatment of cracked & chipped tooth can be covered with insurance but if you don’t have insurance don’t worry. You can visit the dental clinic to know best treatment available at the appropriate cost.

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