How Your Diet is Related to Your Dental Health

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When it comes optimal health, a healthy diet can have a big impact, and this is no different for your dental health. Our body is extremely complex, requiring vitamins and nutrients to operate optimally. And, although proper dental care is an essential step to a healthy smile, diet is something you should be heavily focused on as well. Wondering how your diet relates to dental health?

Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Smile
When it comes to foods to avoid to have the healthiest smile you can achieve, the list can seem quite long. However simply limited the intake of these foods can dramatically improve your oral health. Here are some foods to limit or avoid completely:

Hard Candies
Sugary Juices
Sticky Foods
For those interested in a brighter, whiter smile we also recommend avoiding coffees, teas, wines, and sodas. These beverages are known to cause discoloration and staining of teeth.

Foods to Love for a Healthy Smile
When it comes to eating healthy for your smile, the list probably isn’t much of a surprise. We’ve all been told how important our fruits and vegetables are, but what about some other healthy options?

Whole Grains
Lean Proteins
Crunchy Fruits/Vegetables
Avoiding high amounts of junk food and snacking can also be beneficial to your overall oral health. Each time you eat you should be sure to wash it down with water as this can help remove any leftover debris and bacteria from the mouth.

Dreaming of a healthier smile? Follow these diet tips and be sure to practice proper at-home dental care! It is also important to schedule routine professional dental care so that your dentist can look for any risk factors or signs of dental complications.

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