Signs You May Need A Root Canal

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Many times a slight sensitivity to hot and cold foods might not seem a big deal. It goes away quickly. It slowly progresses into a more persistent twinge but Ibuprofin makes it go away.

Waking up at night with constant pain in your tooth, these all are the symptoms that you need a root canal.

Root canals
It is also known as endodontic therapy which is performed when the nerve or pulp of the tooth becomes infected and inflamed. This happens due to dental decay, a cracked or broken tooth or an injury to the tooth.

Handling Dental Pain
Pain is your body’s way of informing that something is wrong and it is the same for teeth as well. Consult endodontic in 84660 if you feel a slight sensitivity to hot and cold. Being proactive about oral health can save you from more invasive and costly treatment.

Ignoring the warning signs may lead to dental infection which will not go away on its own. Contact a dentist as root canal therapy is the only way to preserve your tooth.

What is Root Canal Therapy?
A root canal therapy is when endodontic in Spanish Fork removes the infected or injured pulp of your root through a small hole drilled in the top of your tooth.

Once the infection is removed, your tooth will be sealed with a temporary filling and given time to heal. The tooth is not as strong as it was before infection, a dentist will seal it with a permanent filling or a dental crown later.

Does Root Canal Therapy Hurt?
Endodontist in Spanish Fork, UT has been restoring smiles for over a decade. The skill and dental anaesthetics ensure that you remain comfortable during the procedure. Many patients are relieved during root canal therapy because the procedure is for relieving the pain caused by the infection.

If you’re experiencing sensitivity or dental pain, please be proactive about your oral health and save your tooth from losing.

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