The Dangers of a Cracked Tooth

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If you are having a cracked it is not a problem until it’s not causing any symptoms. If you ignore your tooth consisting of a crack or fracture, sooner you will start facing problems. The bacteria go inside your tooth that causes decay or infection and if it surpasses to the nerve of your tooth.

Symptoms of a cracked tooth
It might not cause any symptoms but with a cracked tooth, you may not even realise.

Pain while eating, chewing or biting
Swollen gums around the cracked tooth
Sensitive teeth towards sweetness
Discomfort around the teeth and gums
If you ignore cracked tooth, what will happen
If the cracked tooth is not causing any pain, it is fine. If an infection develops in the nerve of the tooth, endodontic in Spanish Fork UT, 84660 suggests root canal therapy. This helps in eliminating and saving your tooth. The dental infection will not go without treatment and can lead to tooth loss if ignored.

What if a cracked tooth hurts?
If you are suffering from sensitivity or pain in your tooth, go for the treatment as soon as possible. This shows that an infection is developing and Dr. Bryan E. Cardon recommends getting your tooth treated before any further problems.

Treatment of cracked tooth
It depends on the location and the damage caused. If a crack s tiny then no treatment is required. Treatments include-

Broken part or chipped tooth is glued
Repair the crack with plastic resin
Filling or crown
Why tooth cracks?
Many reasons cause a fracture to tooth and lead to wear and tear due to biting hard foods such as crusty bread. Due to which old metal restoration breaks down and causes a fracture. Avoid this by cutting down the hard food items into smaller pieces before eating.

The procedure is costly and if you have no insurance? No problem, Maple Ridge Endodontic provides affordable treatment. If you notice a chip or fracture tooth, visit the dentist to get it examined. If ignored, it might lead to painful issues such as an infection.

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