Understanding Root Canals

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Root canal treatment at our office in Spanish Fork, Utah is an effective way of removing infected or damaged soft tissue from inside a tooth. This allows tissues surrounding the tooth to heal properly and prevents future infection. This endodontic therapy is typically completed in one or two visits. Your endodontist at Maple Ridge Endodontics will complete a thorough examination, explain your diagnosis, and let you know what to expect during and after treatment.

The Root Canal Treatment
After local anesthesia is administered, and the tooth is profoundly numb, your endodontist completes the following:

.Cleaning and Shaping the Root Canal – A dental dam is placed around the tooth to protect the mouth and throat. A small opening is made at the top of the tooth, and each canal located using a surgical microscope. Your endodontist then carefully cleans and reshapes each canal. This removes any potentially infected or inflamed tissue from within the tooth. Medication may be used to stop infection.

.Permanent Root Filling – After the canals have been thoroughly cleaned and shaped, each canal is then sealed permanently with a filling. This helps to preserve the tooth for the long-term by keeping fluid and bacteria out. The small opening at the top of the tooth is later sealed closed with a filling or a crown.

.Tooth Restoration – In most cases after root canal treatment, the tooth crown must be restored with a prosthetic dental crown. This helps prevent the tooth from fracturing. A tooth that already has a crown can often have the existing crown repaired after root canal treatment. After the tooth is properly restored, the treated tooth will function like your surrounding natural teeth.

After Root Canal Treatment
Your endodontist may examine the tooth during a follow-up visit at our office in Spanish Fork, Utah. After root canal treatment, the tooth should function well with the rest of your teeth.

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