What Is Apicoectomy

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The teeth are rooted into the jawbone via the sockets. The end of the tooth is referred to as the root and at the tips of these roots are multiple nerve endings, some teeth having more than others. At the tip of the roots are multiple nerve endings which lead into the pulp. After a root canal procedure has been done the infection yet persists it is likely that there is infected tissue underneath the gums. In this case, an apicoectomy is recommended by the dentist to remove the infected tissue.

What Is It Used For?
Removing an infection involves the typical root canal procedure. But at times if the entirety of the infection isn’t removed, it can result in the inflammation of gum tissue, pulp damage and additional root infections.

Apicoectomies are commonly mistaken for root resections. This is because in both procedures the roots are targeted. However, the main difference is that an Apicoectomy removes the tip of the root, while a resection removes the entire structure of the root.

Preparation For An Apicoectomy
Preparing for the procedure requires a consultation with your dentist. Usually your general dentist can perform the procedure. But endodontic microsurgery has specific procedures designed to simplify the process.

Before the surgery, you’ll be examined by X-rays to examine your bone structure. Also, you’ll probably be prescribed some anti-inflammatories to reduce swelling during the surgery and to prevent it post procedure.

How It’s Done
During an apicoectomy procedure, the gums are cut open to reach the root tip. The tip is then removed to extract the infected contents of the tooth. The tooth is then rinsed out thoroughly cleaned and sealed, left to heal for several months.

Post Surgery
Post surgery follow up involves the use of prescribed antibiotics to further fight any residual bacteria. Painkillers are often used to aid the recovery process as well as relieve any discomfort as a result of the apicoectomy.

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