Why You Must Never Ignore Your Broken, Cracked, or Chipped Tooth?

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Enamel is the hardest and one of the most mineralized substances in our bodies. However, over time, they can get brittle and worn out due to many reasons. A chipped or broken tooth is when a part of the tooth is fractured. It can either be a severe crack on the surface of the tooth or just a small chip on the tooth. Many people wonder if they need to address it or leave as it is, if there is no pain or discomfort while drinking, talking, and chewing.

Our teeth are strong and resilient, but they can still break because of a lot of reasons such as eating hard foods like candies or crunchy foods. Some people can experience chipped tooth because of physical injuries. However, in most cases, cavities make the teeth brittle and worn out, says the dentist in Springville.

Why You Must Never Ignore a Cracked Tooth?
According to Endodontics in Spanish Fork UT, 84660, in case of a broken tooth, it is best to take immediate action as there is a risk of certain dangers in case you ignore the chipped tooth. It is not just about restoring the appearance of your teeth, but about protecting your oral health from further damage. Here’s a look at what can happen if you ignore a chipped tooth.

Pressure and Temperature Sensitivity
A chipped tooth usually occurs when the tooth is weakened because of decay, says dentist in Orem. When it cracks, the nerve may get exposed and become sensitive to the smallest of pressures. Indirect pressure such as moving the mouth can also lead to immense pain. When the outer structure is broken, the root or nerve gets exposed causing pain when you consume a hot or cold beverage.

Infection May Occur
If the inner structure of the chipped tooth gets exposed, it becomes vulnerable to infection and cavity. An abscess can also form and the nerve can get damaged. It can be dangerous and possibly life-threatening as well, if not treated in time by a qualified dentist near Payson.

Lead to Cuts in Mouth
It is obvious that a chipped tooth does not have clean finishing on the edges and some parts of it can be sharp. It may lead to cuts or abrasion on your tongue, cheeks, or lips. Thus, it is important to address a chipped tooth by seeing a dentist in Salem.

Repairing the Chipped Tooth
Based on the severity of the chipping, the dentist in Mapleton, UT will suggest the relevant treatment for repairing the damages. A dental filling may be placed for preventing further damage. In case your tooth is cracked, it can be covered with a dental crown for protecting the nerve. In case of severe damage, the tissue is infected and a root canal procedure may be required for removing the affected nerve.

Other ways of repairing chipped teeth can be with the help of filling and bonding. Also, the porcelain crowns can help as they are just like small hats for the chipped tooth. If the chipped teeth have severe flaws, porcelain crowns are the best option.

Benefits of Repairing Chipped Teeth
One of the main benefits of repairing a chipped tooth is restoring your confidence and self-esteem.
It helps in improving your smile, which was hampered by a chipped or broken tooth.
When you get your chipped tooth repaired, it improves the overall dental health.
You can also prevent the risk of cuts and abrasions that can be caused due to sharp or uneven edges of the chipped tooth, says endodontist near Provo.
It can help in getting relief from minor discomfort that is experienced while chewing or biting food.
Yet another benefit is that you have mental peace and assurance that there is no risk of severe dental issues or root canal procedure.
Dr. Bryan E. Cardon says that considering all the above-mentioned dangers, it is never a good idea to ignore your chipped or broken tooth as it may feel normal but the fact is that you are putting yourself in danger.

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