Advanced Technology

In modern dental practices, it is just as important to use the most advanced technology available, as it is to stay current on the latest treatments and procedures. Because our Spanish Fork, UT practice is dedicated to the needs of our patients, we provide the most convenient and the safest dental treatment options available such as digital imaging, laser dentistry, cone beam CT and even surgical microscopes!

At Maple Ridge Endodontics we are proud to utilize the following state-of-the-art dental equipment:

Cone Beam CT

A cone beam CT brings highly-detailed, accurate 3-D images that are used for diagnosis and endodontic treatments. Cone beam CT allows for 3-D visualization of bone, teeth, sinus cavity, and other surrounding structures with reduced radiation exposure. Cone Beam CT provides a higher level of accuracy than traditional X-rays for improved patient care. Interested in our cone beam CT? Let us know!

Digital Imaging

Our Spanish Fork, UT practice utilizes radiographs very carefully. We follow a set list of guidelines to ensure our patient’s safety. Digital imaging allows up to uncover hidden cavities between teeth, assess the bone level and bone health. Digital imaging also allows us examine tooth roots and nerves with digital imaging radiographs, and diagnose suspicious lesion like tumors or cysts. Considering digital imaging? Get in touch!

Digital imaging is an invaluable tool for diagnosing and treating oral health issues. There is very little exposure time involved with our dental radiographs, 90 percent less than is used traditionally.

Patient digital images can be stored quickly, allowing us to transfer files easily to insurance companies and other dental specialists.

Surgical Microscopes

The induction of revolutionary surgical microscopes has changed the way endodontic micro-surgeries are performed, for the better. Maple Ridge Endodontics uses top of the line Carl Zeiss surgical microscopes, which are unparalleled for their magnification and illumination capabilities.

To serve you best we need to be able to view the entire picture, even the most minute details. A condition that goes undetected cannot be treated. Our surgical microscope allows us to do this.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is a big part of every aspect of endodontic care, not just endodontic microsurgery. Laser dentistry has wiped out almost 100 percent of damaging bacteria from the root canal region in infected patients.

Advanced Technology

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