After Endodontic Treatment

Have questions regarding root canal aftercare? After root canal treatment, the underlying system is permanently sealed, and the outer tooth surface is covered with a temporary restoration. Therefore, it is necessary that you schedule an appointment with your Spanish Fork, UT dentist within a month to have the tooth permanently restored with a dental crown or a permanent filling.

A post-op report and a copy of your x-rays will be forwarded to your restorative dentist’s office.

Root Canal Aftercare

After root canal treatment:

  • Do not chew on the affected side of the mouth following root canal treatment. Wait until your tooth is permanently restored.
  • After a root canal, there are usually no restrictions on driving yourself home or returning to work.
  • You will receive a courtesy call from our office the day after root canal procedure to see how you are doing. If your treatment was on a Friday, you might receive a call the following Monday.

Post Root Canal Pain

Post root canal swelling and post root canal pain is normal for a several days after endodontic treatment. Every patient responds differently. Some people experience no post root canal pain, while others suffer from severe or prolonged post root canal pain. Your endodontist will discuss post-root canal pain relief options with you before you head home and provide prescriptions if needed. Printed root canal aftercare instructions will be provided.

Infection After Root Canal Treatment

In the unlikely event you experience infection after root canal treatment, uncontrollable pain, discomfort or swelling, contact our Spanish Fork, UT office immediately. We would be happy to treat any infection after root canal treatment.

Sometimes, a follow-up exam needs to be scheduled to evaluate how well a patient is healing several months after root canal treatment.

After Endodontic Treatment

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