Cracked Tooth Restoration

Do you have a cracked tooth? Found a crack in your tooth enamel? Many patients seek treatment to restore a cracked tooth. This is a very common dental condition. Tooth fractures occur for a variety of reasons, such as dental trauma, teeth clenching and grinding, or biting down on something hard. All these factors place too much strain on the tooth structure. Looking for cracked tooth treatment in Spanish Fork, UT, 84660? Get in touch today for treatment and care of cracked tooth in Spanish Fork.

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Symptoms of Cracked Tooth Enamel

Some signs of a crack in the tooth enamel include:

Search for an endodontist near you and let him know if you’re facing any of these signs mentioned below –

  • Pain when biting and chewing
  • Teeth sensitivity to cold and warm foods
  • Unexplained pain, for no apparent reason
  • Difficulty knowing the exact location of the pain

Types of Tooth Cracks

A tooth can crack in a lot of ways. Treatment will depend on the type of crack in the tooth enamel. If the damage runs deep, you may need root canal treatment to save the tooth. If the crack is too extensive, your tooth may need to be extracted. Here are a few common types of cracked teeth:

  • Craze Lines in Teeth – Craze lines are small vertical cracks that cause no harm to teeth. Crazy lines in teeth are mere scratches on the tooth surface that require no treatment for health reasons or to improve mouth function but may be patched up for cosmetic purposes.
  • Oblique Supragingival Cracks – This is a fractured tooth crown that rarely extends below the gum line. The damaged cusp usually breaks off on its own or is removed. The inner workings of the tooth are unaffected.
  • Oblique Subgingival Cracks – A painful vertical fracture, this type of tooth crack extends past the gum line, and sometimes beyond the top of the jawbone. When a piece dislodges, it will remain attached until surgically removed by an endodontist.
  • Vertical Furcation Cracks – Another painful, vertical crack, this type occurs when the tooth roots separate. Only root canal treatment and a dental crown will repair and restore the tooth.

Cracked Tooth Treatment

Your dentist in Spanish Fork, UT will use digital X-rays and other imaging to diagnose and treat your unique condition. There are many types of tooth fractures, and in cases where the inner soft tissue is affected, the best option is root canal therapy to prevent infection.

Have a broken tooth? The most severe tooth fractures do require extraction, but there are a number of replacement tooth options available including dental implants, bridges, and partial dentures. Think you may need a broken tooth extraction? Contact Maple Ridge Endodontics today to get in contact with our best endodontist in 846600.

Cracked Tooth Restoration

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