Endodontics FAQs

What is Endodontics?

Welcome to the Maple Ridge Endodontics frequently asked questions page! Our endodontics FAQs aims to cover the most common questions we get asked by our patients. Think we missed some frequently asked questions or some information you’d like to know? Let us know at your next appointment and we’ll add it to the FAQ page!

Should I Be Concerned About X-Ray Exposure?

There is no need to worry. Although x-ray images are necessary to pursue endodontic treatment, our Spanish Fork, UT practice uses advanced dental technology. Digital radiography at Maple Ridge Endodontics uses up 90 percent less radiation the traditional dental x-ray equipment. Our optimized digital images can be archived, printed and forwarded to other dental professionals through e-mail.

Do Infections Commonly Develop After Endodontic Treatment?

Maple Ridge Endodontics adheres to the strictest standards of infection control backed up by the American Dental Association, OSHA, and the CDC. There is no need to worry about safety.

What Should I Expect After Endodontic Treatment?

After root canal treatment, your medical record will be sent to the dentist who will handle your tooth restoration. Be sure to contact your dental office and schedule your restoration soon after your endodontic procedure. Your appointment should be within a few weeks of the completed treatment. This final restoration will protect the treated tooth. On rare occasions, some patients do experience complications after root canal or microsurgery.

Endodontics FAQs

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