Traumatic Injuries

Experienced a traumatic injury in Spanish Fork, UT, 84660? A traumatic injury can happen at any time; dental trauma often results from sports or accidents. Most of the time the damage is minor, like a slightly chipped tooth. Other times, a tooth is dislodged or completely knocked out.

Regardless of the severity of the dental trauma, it is important to seek immediate attention by a dentist or endodontist. The surrounding teeth may have suffered an undetected injury that only a dental exam will uncover. Having a dental emergency? We treat a variety of traumatic dental injuries such as avulsed tooth, dislodged tooth or childhood dental trauma at Maple Ridge Endodontics.

Common Traumatic Dental Injuries

Dislodged Teeth – A patient who withstands force to the mouth may have teeth that got thrust back into the sockets. An endodontist can reposition and stabilize tooth. Typically, root canal therapy is required shortly after a traumatic injury, and the afflicted tooth is treated with medication.When a tooth is partially dislodged, it will also be repositioned and stabilized. If the pulp is unscathed, no further treatment is needed. But, if the pulp is infected or damaged, root canal therapy will treat the condition.

Avulsed Teeth (Knocked Out) – If a dental trauma leads to tooth loss, you must seek medical attention immediately. If your tooth is knocked out completely, keep it moist. If you can, place the avulsed tooth back in the socket. A tooth can only be saved if it doesn’t dry out. It also helps to store it in milk or water with a pinch of salt. The treatment you receive will depend on how long the tooth was out of the oral cavity, and how it was stored.

Childhood Dental Trauma

A traumatic injury to a primary tooth may demand one of the following endodontic procedures improve the likelihood of preserving the tooth:

Apexogenesis – The Apexogenesis procedure is performed to encourage root development as the pulp heals. The damaged soft tissue is blanketed in medication to help promote growth. As the child continues to develop and grow, the apex will gradually close. As this happens, the root canal walls will thicken. If the pulp heals properly, there will be no need for further Apexogenesis treatment.

Apexification – Apexification is the process of removing a diseased pulp. The endodontist will medicate the root to encourage hard tissue to form close to the tip. The hardened matter will serve as a barrier for the filling in the root canal. Given the condition, the root canal walls will no longer develop, making the whole tooth structure more vulnerable to fractures.

Therefore, there it is very important not to wait to seek treatment after experiencing a traumatic injury. Schedule an appointment with an endodontist near you today. We also provide services in Provo, Springville, Orem, Payson, Salem, Mapleton, etc.

Traumatic Injuries

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