Why Choose an Endodontist

Looking for endodontic treatment in Spanish Fork, UT 84660? A dentist who specializes in endodontics procedures involving the tooth pulp (soft inner tissue) is called an endodontist. The medical term comes from the Greek words, “endo” inside and “odont” tooth. Every dentist receives training in endodontic treatment, but some oral conditions are hard to diagnose and treat correctly. That is why sometimes a specialist in endodontics procedures is needed.

What Is the Difference Between a Dentist and Endodontist?

Both dentistry and endodontic specialists complete dental school, but to become an endodontist, two or more additional years of advanced training in endodontic procedures is required. Endodontist specialists near you have been taught root canal treatments in greater depth, so the doctor can better diagnose and accurately treat more complex cases.

In addition to dental school, endodontists receive two or more years of advanced education in this kind of treatment. They study root canal techniques and procedures in greater depth, for diagnosis and treatment of more difficult cases. Therefore, patients get referred from a primary dentist to an endodontist.

Benefits of Endodontic Treatment: Endodontist VS. Dentist

Choosing between an endodontist or dentist? Our endodontists are experienced and skilled, board-certified specialists who offer our patients the following benefits:

  • We are specially trained to perform root canal treatment and pulp surgery.
  • Our staff is trained to diagnose and correctly treat oral discomfort and pain while knowing how to ease our patient’s fears.
  • We use only the most advanced dental technology and research to provide the best possible care.

Together with your primary dentist, we make sure you receive the appropriate endodontic treatment for your case, to preserve your oral health and restore your smile.

Getting a root canal is no longer something to be feared; today, the endodontic procedure causes no more discomfort than having a tooth filled. If your dentist has recommended endodontic treatment, our endodontists can help. Give Maple Ridge Endodontics in Spanish Fork, Utah a call at 801-504-6295 to book an appointment today!

Why Choose an Endodontist

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