Your First Visit

Wondering what you can expect as a new patient at your first visit at Maple Ridge Endodontics? If this is your first visit to an endodontist, there are steps you can take to be better prepared.

Preparing for Your First Visit

It always helps to know what to expect during your first visit and to have all the information you need beforehand.

  • X-rays – Arrange to have dental records such as x-ray forwarded from your dentist before your appointment. This should include recent X-rays. If no records or x-ray are received, bitewings x-rays will be taken to detect signs of tooth decay, bone loss, infection and gum disease. Panoramic X-rays are used to scan for bone abnormalities in addition to impacted teeth, tumors, and other mouth problems.
  • Comprehensive Dental Exam – Your first visit is likely to include a comprehensive dental exam. Your Spanish Fork, UT endodontist will provide your comprehensive dental exam by inspecting your oral cavity for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other problems. You will be asked if you have been experiencing any pain, tooth sensitivity or any other dental concerns.

During your first visit as a new patient, you should expect to receive a consultation with our Spanish Fork, UT endodontist that goes over your diagnosis in addition to your treatment options. In most cases, we can offer treatment the same day as the consultation. However, more complex diagnoses or treatments may require a second appointment.

Your First Visit

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